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Thursday, 25 April 2013

MJ - Costumes

In our slasher opening there are a total of 5 characters. We chose costumes which we thought would suit the characters and their roles best.

Scream queens outfit
Ashley: Scream Queen
Black jeans - the scream queen wore black jeans to show a contrast between her and the final girl character, who is wearing more traditional blue jeans
White vest top - we thought that the scream queen should wear a white, revealing vest top to signify her character's personality.
Black boots - the scream queens boots are unsuitable for walking in the woods, again showing her personality and role as the scream queen.

Charley: Final Girl
Plaid shirt, buttoned up to the collar - the final girl is wearing a plaid shirt which is buttoned up to the top to show that she is not trying to be provocative. The shirt is more practical than it is fashionable. It also shows a contrast to the scream queen who is wearing a low cut vest top.
Outsider and final girls' outfits
Blue jeans - we though that the final girl should be wearing blue jeans to show a contrast between her and the scream queen who is wearing black, more fashionable jeans.
Hair in pigtails - we thought it would be a good idea to have the final girl wear pigtails to show that she is innocent.
Glasses - the final girl is wearing glasses to make her look more intellectual.
Brown boots - look like sturdy well made boots that would be classed as appropriate for walking in the woods.
Bag - She is the one in the group having the sensible responsibility of carrying the bag, and is happy to do so.

Patrick: Outsider
Baggy jeans - Doesn't care about his image very much, comes across as not wanting to be fashionable and might be purposefully doing this so he isn't associated with the group.
Unfashionable jacket - This anchors the point about his jeans.

Jocks outfit
Ryan: Scream Queens boyfriend/Jock
Sports hoodie - He cares a lot about his image and tries to match what he thinks is socially acceptable and what his 'jock' friends would wear.
Jeans - the jeans that the jock are wearing are trendier in contrast to the Outsider of the group.
Trainers - his trainers show how he thinks that wearing branded trainers will change what other people think of him and how popular what he wears will make him. This suggests he is very self obsessed.

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