Hi, I'm an AS Media student, and this blog contains research into the different aspects of film and media, specializing in the Slasher genre. The research has all been put towards the development of my coursework production 'Camp Ivy', which I co-produced with Poppy and Millie. Our coursework has been influenced by the rural locations and mise-en-scene in Friday the 13th and Eden Lake.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Fake Blood

For our shoot Millie made fake blood for us to use in our killing scene to make it look more realistic. It was easy to make and looked quite effective on the shoot.

Here is the recipe we used to make it:
•cocoa powder (to make it darker in colour)
•corn flour
•red food colouring

Its a really simple way of making fake blood and saved us some expense on the shoot as well, we also discovered that a little bit of it goes a long way and it looked really effective against the scream queens white top.

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