Hi, I'm an AS Media student, and this blog contains research into the different aspects of film and media, specializing in the Slasher genre. The research has all been put towards the development of my coursework production 'Camp Ivy', which I co-produced with Poppy and Millie. Our coursework has been influenced by the rural locations and mise-en-scene in Friday the 13th and Eden Lake.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

MJ - Casting, Characters & Mise-en-scene

In our production you will see 5 characters altogether:
•Scream Queen
•Final Girl
•Scream Queen's boyfriend
•'Outsider' of the group

Scream Queen:
Stereotypical scream queens
For the scream queen we plan to cast a very stereotypical scream queen. The qualities that we associate with a scream queen are blonde hair, very confident, has a boy friend and usually discusses stuff in the narrative that may be seen as immoral. We are going to cast someone who is blonde, could easily play the part and convincingly come across to the audience as this, however the narrative and her confidence is more important than her appearance.

Archetype final girl - Laurie Stroud
Final Girl:
We would like our final girl character to also be a stereotype final girl character. We are looking to cast somebody with brunette hair and to act quite sensible and maybe show some academic qualities. She should not participate or agree with anything that her friends talk about that is immoral or wrong and should come across as quite an independent character.

Scream Queen's Boyfriend:
He should have a lot of similar qualities to the Scream queen and also shows immoral qualities. Acts a bit like a jock.

Outsider of the Group:
The outsider should be male, and look like he doesn't really belong in the group. He should not really care about his appearance and almost be a binary opposite of the 'jock' like scream queens boyfriend.

In the opening sequence of the film the audience will not be aware of who the killer is, by the use of narrative enigma. Therefore, when casting the killer we don't necessarily need to cast on looks, but we would like it to be a man.

We will show mise-en-scene in our production by set dressing the area in which we are filming with small signifiers for the audience to pick up on. We will most likely set our opening in or around a forest area as this has connotations with dark/evil like the killer character.

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