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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Opening EG5: Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart (David Lynch, 1990)
PRODUCED BY: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, Propaganda Films.
DISTRIBUTED BY: The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Universal Pictures Video (click here to see the full list).
BUDGET: $10m.
BOX OFFICE: $15m (USA), £1m (UK).
RATINGS: 7.2 (IMDb).

The first credit goes to the director, as it says 'A Film by David Lynch'. The next credits go to the main characters. The ones after these are shown together meaning these people are less important characters. The next credits are for people like the casting director and producer.
When the credits are showing, a match is lit and there is fire in the background.  This signifies fear and danger, and gives the audience the sense that the film is going to be an action film. However, the music suggests that romance is also involved, as violins are used, which are often associated with love. The font is bold and sans-serif. The credits roll on until 2:32.


1st shot of the two main characters

Two shot medium shot of the main character and unknown character
 The first shot we see is of a painted ceiling, which signifies money and wealth. The music is diegetic and jolly, and can be recognized as music played at dances. We get some information about the location, telling us it is in America. The camera then pans down, past a chandelier, to a busy stairway with women in dresses and men in suits. At 0:40, we meet see the two main characters. The relationship between these two is romantic, as the first shot of them is them kissing. These two characters are young compared to the other people, and are dressed differently, showing the age gap and diversity. At 0:48, we meet another character, who introduces us to Sailor, who we presume is the main character as he was the first person we saw. This unknown character introduces a story line, however the audience is still unsure as to who this man is and what is going on. There are a lot of close ups and two shots, to show the relationships. The third character and Sailors relationship appears to bad, as they're using strong language towards each other, and the audience gets a sense of a fight.

Close Up of the knife
   There is then a close up of the knife that the third character is holding, and Lula screams. Music begins to play as Sailor and the third, unknown character fight on the stairs. The fight is brutal, and makes you wonder why it is happening. The third character mentions something about Sailor sleeping with Lula's mum, however this is not proven to be true. There is another character whom we see watching the fight on the stairway, however we do not know who this is or what the relationship between these characters is.

4th unkown character

Sailor seems to be 'winning' the fight, and the editing is very fast and close up shots are used, to show the emotion of the two characters'. The camera shows blood on the floor, and Lula screaming, telling Sailor to stop.

At the end of the fight, Sailor has killed this man, who was paid to kill Sailor himself, and lights a cigarette. He then points at someone, and shows a woman's face, but we do not know who this is or why he is pointing at her. There is a shot reverse shot, showing Sailor, to the woman's face and then back to Sailor.

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