Hi, I'm an AS Media student, and this blog contains research into the different aspects of film and media, specializing in the Slasher genre. The research has all been put towards the development of my coursework production 'Camp Ivy', which I co-produced with Poppy and Millie. Our coursework has been influenced by the rural locations and mise-en-scene in Friday the 13th and Eden Lake.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Final Cut Express: 1st Impressions

I had never heard of or used this software before I began Media at A level, so I thought it was going to be difficult to use and get the hang of. However; it was very easy to use. All the tools you need for cutting and editing the video footage are in the same place, and it doesn't take long at all the edit a video clip. We used this software to edit our Prelim, and it was very easy and quick to do, as it only took us less than 1 hour to cut it down and make it flow. There are different transitions you can add in, and you can also add text, which enables you to make your video different and unique.

   Although the editing side of the software is easy, I had to be shown a few times how to export the video in the right format, as there were many different formats. Apart from this, the software is very clever, and is good to use to edit short clips.

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