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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Evaluation Q3 - Distribution

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

An indie, low-budget distributor would be ideal to distribute my film, as I myself am an indie low-budget filmmaker.
The UK's current leading independent film distributor is Entertainment Film, who are famous for their box-office hits of Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Saw, The Final Destination Franchise, Sex and the City and many more. Although this company does not specialize in the slasher genre, they are a good example of a British independent company who have had a huge impact and a great success rate in the industry.

Our film 'Camp Ivy' is an extremely low-budget film, in fact the budget is almost non-existent. By having an independent film company distribute our film, it would be affordable for both the company and ourselves. Many films fail to even come out of production, so having a large company distribute our film would simply fail, as the company would not be able to make a profit. Donkey Punch (Oliver Blackburn, 2008) was a low-budget film (£750,000) and took $18,000 in the US and £295,000 in the UK whilst in cinematic release. The distribution company for this film was Optimum Releasing. The company distributed over 200 films a year and were one of the most striking independent UK film distributors. In 2011, the French company StudioCanal bought Optimum and the company was renamed StudioCanalUK.

StudioCanalUK/Optimum Releasing would be an ideal distributor for our film, as they're used to working with low-budget films and often succeed in getting cinematic releases for fairly low-budget films, some examples that have had cinematic releases are Attack The Block (Joe Cornish, 2011) and The Awakening (Nick Murphy, 2011). Kill List (Ben Wheatley, 2011) is one of the most recent films distributed. The budget for this film was only £500,000, the total gross was $26,000 and most of the actors were un-known. This is similar to our production, in the sense we're using un-known actors on an extremely low budget.

Warp X is a distribution company based locally in Sheffield. They were also involved in the production and distribution of Donkey Punch. This company would also be an ideal distribution company for our film, as they distribute low-budget productions and help turn them into movies which gain cinematic releases throughout the world.

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