Hi, I'm an AS Media student, and this blog contains research into the different aspects of film and media, specializing in the Slasher genre. The research has all been put towards the development of my coursework production 'Camp Ivy', which I co-produced with Poppy and Millie. Our coursework has been influenced by the rural locations and mise-en-scene in Friday the 13th and Eden Lake.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Microdrama: The Shoot

There were a couple of issues when filming our microdrama...

Because we were out side in a public area, there was a lot of background noise, and it was a windy day so in some sections of the footage the wind overrules the voices. We had to stop filming a few times as well to let people past, which in some cases meant we had to go and film again, which got a bit annoying.
One of the main problems of the shoot was that the HD camera ran out of battery, fairly close to the end of the filming, so we had to improvise by using Hannah's iPhone. Luckily the camera qualities were not much different, however we had filmed the footage on the HD camera in landscape and the footage on the iPhone in portrait. This created problems later on in the editing process.

Overall the shoot went well, and we managed to overcome the issues we had. We had planned well and therefore we had other options and solutions to the things that went slightly wrong. 

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