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Monday, 24 September 2012

Opening EG2: 24/7

DVD Cover
24:7 (Shane Meadows, 1997)
PRODUCED BY: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Scala Films.
DISTRIBUTED BY: Pathé, October Films, Bedford Entertainment (click here to see the full list).
BUDGET: Unknown.
BOX OFFICE: £175k (UK).
RATINGS: 6.9 (IMDb).

The first shot is an establishing shot. It gradually becomes a mid-shot, as the main character advances towards the camera. The mise-en-scene chosen is an old abandoned train track, with a black and white sheep dog, which is traditionally associated with British culture. There has been a black and white filter applied, to make the film seem older than it actually is.
First shot, establishing shot

Mid two shot, showing the relationship

This shot is a mid two shot. It shows the two characters interacting, and the audience gather that they know each other from the dialogue used. There is a beer bottle in the second characters hand, which signifies he is drunk, and the hut he is found in suggests he has been living rough. The first character seems keen to help him.

Close up, showing the emotion

This is a close up. The way the character is leaning his head against the window shows emotion. He is exhausted, yet it is hard to tell whether he is happy to have been found or not. He seems unfazed and unaware of what is going on, perhaps suggesting he has been in this position before.
Long shot of the hut

This next shot is a long shot which shows the hut in which the second character was found in, but in a better condition. This tells us we have gone back in time. There is graffiti on the walls, which is traditionally used in many of Shane Meadows' films, to represent how the building has been un-cared for.
High angle

This is a high angled shot, which makes the audience feel like they are experiencing the characters emotions.
Slight high angles establishing shot

This shot is another establishing shot. It shows a typical British estate from the 1980's and 1990's. The houses are basic and simple, with no character. This tells us that this is a poorer part of the city, and that people may struggle to cope.
Mid shot

This is a mid shot. We have gone back in time even more here, as this is the second character before he became homeless. He is happy and well presented here, which is a big contrast to how he was first presented to the audience. From this, we can guess that later on in the film, something dramatic happens. The music here is happy and he is dancing around.

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