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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Slasher EG1: I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Jim Gillespie, 1997)
PRODUCED BY: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Mandalay Entertainment, Summer Knowledge LLC.
DISTRIBUTED BY: Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, TriPictures, Era (click here to see the full list).
BUDGET: $17m.
BOX OFFICE: $72m (USA), £4.4m (UK).
RATINGS: 5.5 (IMDb).

Continuous opening shot of ocean

  • The opening starts with a continuous shot of the ocean, as the credits appear. There is diegetic sound of waves, and non-diegetic rock music playing in the background, with an electric guitar and somebody singing. The music has a steady tempo and the notes are quite low. This creates a feeling of relaxation rather than panic. 
  • The sun is also low in the sky, which is a polysemic signifier as it could be rising or setting. There is also a blue tint to the sky and mise-en-scene which usually signifies that something supernatural is about to occur, or is occurring. The waves are choppy, and are crashing against rocks. This signifies that there is danger and dangerous things are going to happen in the film.
  • The shot doesn't change, but it moves to pan over a cliff and a road and becomes an establishing shot as it zooms out to show the audience the entire setting.
  • The music has changed, and long, drawn out strings have been introduced. These notes add tension to the music, and make the audience feel 'nervy' and get a sense that something isn't quite right. 
  • The camera continues to pan across, like a hand of fate, and then begins to zoom in and focus on a man standing on the edge of one of the cliffs. He is wearing a blue top and dark jeans, so kind of blends in with the mise-en-scene. 
  • The shot then changes, to a close up of a coin of some sort. The next shot is a low angle of the man holding the coin. The low angle signifies his lack of power, and that he is in a vulnerable position. He flicks the coin and it spins round, creating diegetic sound. The sound is like a high chime. 
  • There are then shots of the man looking down the cliff into the ocean. There is a point of view shot of the man looking at the rocks below This allows the audience to experience the emotions and thoughts he is feeling. This shot signifies that he is having suicidal thoughts. 
  • There is then diegetic sound of birds and wind coming from the bushes behind him, so he turns around to check if anyone is watching. He is also drinking a bottle of alcohol which signifies he is drunk, and possibly depressed. 
  • There is an over the shoulder shot looking down onto the rocks, which makes the audience feel anxious as it appears as though he is about to jump. 
  • The opening ends as there is a loud bang from fireworks. There is a close up of the man looking up at them, then the shots changes to a party. 

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