Hi, I'm an AS Media student, and this blog contains research into the different aspects of film and media, specializing in the Slasher genre. The research has all been put towards the development of my coursework production 'Camp Ivy', which I co-produced with Poppy and Millie. Our coursework has been influenced by the rural locations and mise-en-scene in Friday the 13th and Eden Lake.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Script (First Shoot)

[walking towards camp through a field]

Ashley: We better not have much further to go I need to sit down... These shoes are killing me.

Charley: Well I did say it would be a long walk it’s your fault for not wearing sensible shoes.

Ashley: I don’t remember it being this far last time.. I really need to sit down.

Patrick: Look, it’s there in the distance we will be there in a minute. You’ve already slowed us down we’re not stopping again.

Ryan: Leave it out man, you’re the one rushing us it doesn’t matter when we get there.

Charley: Come on let’s not argue tonight we’re here for Mikey, tonight isn’t about us.

[arrive at camp] *putting bags down*

Ashley: This place creeps me out.

Ryan: Watch out there’s something behind you.. (false scare).

Ashley: (screams)

Charley: Shut up Ryan.. just ignore him Ashley.

Patrick: Ashley.. where have you put the flowers?

Ashley: Oh man I knew there was something I forgot.

Patrick: But you still managed to remember your make-up.. You’re so self-centred you couldn’t even remember the one thing we asked you to, what are we going to do now?

Ashley: I’ll go into the woods to pick some flowers, if you’re all so bothered.

Ryan: Patrick stop winging on it doesn’t matter, I’ll I come with you..

Ashley: No I’ll go on my own I’ll only be 5 minutes.

[leaves group]

*walking in woods, hear rustling*

Ashley: Hello? Ryan stop trying to scare me I know it’s you.

Ashley: Stop messing around! You’re scaring me now..

Mikey: Hello Ashley.

[Ashley turns around and is stabbed]


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