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Friday, 7 December 2012

Titles and Idents Vodcast Notes

Slashers (Maurice Devereaux, 2001)
Budget - $165k
Box office - unknown; this probably means the film never had a cinematic release.
The opening scene is set out like a game show so titles for the game show appear, however there are no titles or idents for the film itself.

Urban Legend (Jamie Blanks, 1998)
Budget - $14m
Box office - US; $38m, UK; £1m
The first title is for Tristar, which is a fairly well known company. The ident involves a horse with wings coming out from behind some clouds and the company name is in bold capital letters above. The next ident is Pheonix Pictures. We see a match lit and the flame burns into the shape of the company logo. The text is in bold capital letters against a black background. The screen then fades into black and white serif font appears saying 'Pheonix Pictures presents' then another title saying 'A Neal H Moritz/Gina Matthews production' with non diegitic music playing. The title 'Urban Legend' then appears in capital letters which fades into the first shot of rain on the ground. Actor credits appear in the centre of the screen, then move to the side as an establishing shot of a car travelling down a country lane appears The titles stop at 2:21 in, and continue after a killing at 8:33.

Scary Movie (Keenen Wayans, 2000)
Budget - $19m
Box office - US; $157m, UK; £10m
Animated letters appear on screen to spell out 'Dimension Films' in blue against a black background. This is the only ident and there are no immediate credits. From the start, it is obvious that thhis film is a spoof of other slasher films, with particular intertextual references to Scream (Wes Craven, 1996) The title of the film appears in red capitals against a black background after the first character is killed.

Madhouse (William Butler, 2004)
Budget - $3m
Box office - unknown; this probably means the film never had a cinematic release.
The first ident is Lakeshore Entertainment, where a boy runs and jumps into a lake with the company name in capitals. The next ident is Lions Gate Films. There is a green animated lion, and the large text is in gold. The titles appear after we see a shot of blood on the wall, a montage of images of a mental asylum and somebody running and being hit by a car. At this point, titles saying 'Lions Gate Films presents' appear in white font on a black background. 'A Madhouse Production' then appears. As actor credits are running, images of what the audience assume to be inmates of the asylum appear. The very last credit we see is 'Directed by William Butler'.

Black Christmas (Bob Clark, 1974)
There is white writing on a black background, which is often used in slasher film openings.

Cry_Wolf (Jeff Wadlow, 2005)
The first ident is Rogue Pictures on a birds eye shot of a forest.

Occupant Films
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (Jonathan Levine, 2006)
Only one ident for Occupant Films appears, then we go to the titles with white serif font on a black background.

April Fools Day (Fred Walton, 1986)
Only one ident for Paramount appears. At 3:15 the title for April Fools Day appears, and the titles continue until 5:06.

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